The Leader of the Council and the Cabinet

The Council is currently run by a joint administration consisting of the Liberal Democrat, Labour and Green Party groups. Councillor David King is the Leader of the Council. 

The Cabinet is made up of eight Portfolio Holders, each of whom is responsible for a specific range of services. The Cabinet is currently made up of 4 Liberal Democrat members, 3 Labour members and 1 Green Party member.  

Roles and Responsibilities of Portfolio Holders

The Scheme of Delegation to Cabinet sets out the responsilities of each of the Portfolios.  A link to the Scheme of Delegation is below:-

Scheme of Delegation to Cabinet

Councillor David King  (PenPic) Councillor Adam Fox (PenPic) Councillor Pam Cox (PenPic) Councillor Martin Goss (PenPic)
Councillor David King Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Strategy Councillor Adam Fox Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Local Economy and Transformation Councillor Pam Cox, Portfolio Holder for Culture and Heritage  Councillor Goss, Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood Services and Waste
Councillor Steph Nissen (PenPic) Councillor Mark Cory (PenPic) Councillor Andrea Luxford Vaughan (PenPic) Councillor Julie Young (PenPic)
Councillor Steph Nissen, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainability  Councillor Mark Cory, Portfolio Holder for Resources Councillor Luxford Vaughan, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Infrastructure Councillor Julie Young, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Communities