Have Your Say!




We want you to take part in decision-making
Colchester City Council has put in place arrangements so that you can Have Your Say! at nearly all meetings of the Council.

You are also welcome to observe any of these meetings to listen to the proceddings, although occasionally there might be an issue which has to be considered in private, for example, commercially sensitive information. These are usually dealt with at the end of the meeting.

When and where are meetings held?
Meetings are usually held at 6pm either at the Town Hall, Colchester.  The Meetings Calendar here can be used to check the date, time and venue of the meetings.

To find out what is being considered, you can check the contents of the agenda for each meeting which will be published 5 working days before each meeting date.

What can I say at the meeting?
You can Have Your Say! on a specific issue being discussed at a meeting, or on a general issue so long as it relates to the matters which that meeting would usually deal with. You may address the meeting in person for up to three minutes. 


You will not be allowed to circulate any other written or photographic material.

A total period of up to 15 minutes is available for representations on general issues and further periods of up to 15 minutes is available for representations on specific items of business, although the Chair of the meeting has discretion to vary this period.

The Chair of the meeting may disallow or terminate any public participation which is inappropriate, abusive, indecent, discriminatory, frivolous, irrelevant or otherwise unacceptable. This includes unacceptable references contained in written submissions.

How can I Have my Say?

You can Have Your Say| by attending the meeting in person or at some of our meetings it is possible to make your representations remotely via Zoom. The details for each meeting will be set out int the agenda. If you wish to make representations remotely via Zoom you will need to register to do this during the week prior to the meeting. Please register by e-mailing democratic.services@colchester.gov.uk no later than 12 noon on the working day before the meeting date. You will need to provide your name, email address, whether your representation is a general matter or related to an item of business and a copy of the representations you wish to make (maximum 500 words). 


You will receive an email to confirm acceptance of your representation and to be given instructions on how to join the meeting.


There is no requirement to pre-register if you are attending the meeting in person.



Planning Committee
The arrangements for Have Your Say! at Planning Committee meetings are slightly different and further information can be found via the link below:-

Have Your Say! on Planning Applications, Public Rights of Way and certain highway matters.

Licensing Committee
The law does not allow you to Have Your Say! on specific applications and appeals made under licensing legislation as these are bound by legal requirements for inviting public objections. However, you are able to Have Your Say! on general matters relating to the work of the Licensing Committee and further information about this is available by emailing democratic.services@colchester.gov.uk.

Other ways to make your views known...
You can contact your local Councillor by using the contact details here or the relevant Cabinet member by contacting PAtoCabinet@colchester.gov.uk.


If a number of people feel strongly about an issue over which the council has some control you may wish to compile a petition. A petition is defined as 'a clear statement of your point of view supported by one or more co-signatories'. A petition may be submitted online here or emailed to democratic.services@colchester.gov.uk.

How to contact us: