Key Decisions and Private Meetings

The Forward Plan of Key Decisions is published each month and lists the key decisions that will be taken by the Council over the course of the next four months. Key Decisions relate to those decisions which are likely to:

  • result in the Council spending or saving money in excess of £500,000;
  • have a significant impact on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards within the City of Colchester.


The Plan sets out when the decisions will be taken and by whom. For the latest Forward Plan of Key Decisions, please click on the link below:-


Forward Plan of Key Decisions





Forward Plan Publication Dates 2024-25



The dates on each month in the forthcoming year on which each Forward Plan will be published on this website are set out below.  Occasionally during the course of the month an Updated Forward Plan is published as further information becomes available. The current Forward Plan is always available on this page.


Decisions covering

Forward Plan Publication Date

June 2024- September 2024

2 May 2024

July 2024- October 2024

31 May 2024

August 2024 - November 2024

3 July 2024

September 2024 - December 2024        

2 August 2024

October 2024 - January 2025

2 September 2024

November 2024 - February 2025

3 October 2024

December 2024 - March 2025

1 November 2024

January 2025 - April 2025

3 December 2024

February 2025 - May 2025

3 January 2025

March 2025 - June 2025

31 January 2025

April 2025 - July 2025

3 March 2025

May 2025 - August 2025

2 April 2025




Notice of Executive Meetings to be Held in Private

Colchester City Council is required to give 28 clear days notice of its intention to hold a meeting of an executive decision making body in private  It complies with this requirement by publishing a list of those Cabinet meetings which will be held in private. This is normally published every month alongside the Forward Plan of Key Decisions, although occasionally during the course of the month an updated notice is published as further information becomes available. For the current notice of executive meetings to be held in private click on the link below.

Notice of Executive Decisions to be Held In Private