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Annual Report of Colchester Commercial Holdings Limited for 2020/21The Committee will consider a report setting out the performance summary and activities of the Council’s wholly owned commercial companies during the fiscal year for 2020-21.CommitteeGovernance and Audit Committee27 Jul 2021Implemented
Review of digital meetings following Covid-19 - verbal updateThe Committee will receive a verbal update on the current position with regard to the holding of public committee meetings in the light of the Coronavirus pandemic. CommitteeGovernance and Audit Committee27 Jul 2021Implemented
2020/21 Year End Review of Risk Management

1.1         The Committee will consider a report providing an overview of the Council’s risk management activity undertaken during the financial year from 01 April 2020 to 31 March 2021.

CommitteeGovernance and Audit Committee27 Jul 2021Implemented
Work Programme 2020-2021The Committee will consider a report setting out the current Work Programme 2021-2022 for the Governance and Audit Committee. CommitteeGovernance and Audit Committee27 Jul 2021Implemented
Award of Contract for the purchase of Fleet for Helpline, Neighbourhood Services and Pest Control PortfolioCouncillor Simon Crow29 Jul 2021Decision Proposed
211519 Hythe House, 142 Hythe Hill,Replace existing timber and render cladding with cedar panels; replace windows with identical UPVC units in black; replace existing aluminium front doors with similar doors 
finished in black
CommitteePlanning Committee29 Jul 2021Implemented
210121 Outside 32 & 33-34 High Street, ColchesterErection of a statue of the Taylor sisters - Dedicated to the children of the world.
CommitteePlanning Committee29 Jul 2021Implemented
211079 73 All Saints Avenue, Colchester
Application for variation of a condition 2 following grant of planning permission of application 182603 (Resubmission of 202718).
CommitteePlanning Committee29 Jul 2021Implemented
211654 Riverside Office Centre, North Station Road, ColchesterApplication to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed change of use from offices (B1) to dwelling houses (C3).
CommitteePlanning Committee29 Jul 2021Implemented
211411 Newpots, Newpots Lane, PeldonChange of use of Agricultural Storage Building to General Storage and distribution (B8) and Modular Office Block Ancillary to Store.
CommitteePlanning Committee29 Jul 2021Implemented