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Have Your Say!


Find out how you can Have Your Say! at any meeting of the Council.

We want you to take part in decision-making

Colchester Borough Council has put in place arrangements so that, with very few exceptions,  you can Have Your Say! at any meeting of the Council. You can Have Your Say! on a specific issue being discussed at a meeting, or on a general issue which that meeting would normally deal with. Your comments must be relevant to the work of the Committee or Panel you are addressing.

All meetings are open to the public, except those parts where confidential matters are being discussed. These are few and are usually dealt with at the end of the meeting. You will be asked to leave before these are discussed.

When and where are meetings held?

Most meetings are held at the Town Hall in the High Street starting at 6pm. You are welcome to attend any of these meetings. Dates and times are shown on posters at council offices and the Community Hub, on the Councillors and Meetings page or from Democratic Services.

How can I have my say?

When you arrive at the meeting please tell the member of staff collecting names what you want to speak about. They will explain what will happen and show you to the public seating area.  They may ask for your postal or e-mail address so that a written response can be sent to you after the meeting.

When the meeting has started, the Chairman will call your name and invite you to Have Your Say! You may be asked to sit at the main table or at a table at the front of the public seating area marked "Have Your Say Speakers Only". There will be a microphone for you to use which is operated by pressing the middle button.

When it is your turn to speak you will have up to three minutes to get your view across. For best effect you should aim to make your views very concise and short. Your comments must be relevant to the work of the meeting you are addressing. You will be timed and a bell will be rung after two minutes to let you know you have one minute left. A second bell will be rung at the end of the three minutes.

When you have finished speaking a Councillor may ask you one question and if this happens you will have another minute to give your answer. A bell will be rung at the end of the minute and at this point you should return to your seat. You will not be able to have a discussion with the Councillors.

Who will respond to my question/statement?

If it is possible to give you a response at the meeting, the Chairman will invite an officer, or a portfolio holder or another Councillor to respond. The meeting may decide to ask for further information and for the matter to be discussed at a future meeting.

What can I say at the meeting?

You can Have Your Say! on a specific issue being discussed at the meeting, or on a general issue which that meeting normally deals with. With the exception of a petition, you will not be allowed to hand around written or photographic material.

The Chairman may disallow or terminate any public participation which is inappropriate, abusive, indecent, discriminatory, frivolous, irrelevant or otherwise unacceptable.

Planning Committee

The arrangements for Have Your Say! at Planning Committee are slightly different. One supporter and one objector only can speak on each application. If more than one objector wishes to speak on an application you must agree among you which person will represent you, otherwise no one will be allowed to speak on that particular item. You may not hand around written or photographic material. Members of the Planning Committee are not allowed to ask questions of speakers. Read here for further information about Have Your Say! on Planning Applications, Public Rights of Way and certain highway matters or call Amanda Chidgey on (01206) 282227.

Licensing Committee

The law does not allow you to Have Your Say! on specific applications and appeals made under licensing legislation as these are bound by legal requirements for inviting public objections. However, you are able to Have Your Say! on general matters relating to the work of the Licensing Committee and further information about this is available on request from Sarah White on (01206) 506420.

Other ways to make your views known...

 You can contact your local Councillor, the Cabinet member or council officer responsible for that service. You can obtain contact details from Democratic Services  or go to Colchester Borough Councillors

Current consultations

Take part in Current consultations


If a number of people feel strongly about an issue over which the council has some control you may wish to present a petition. A petition may be presented at any meeting of the council. A petition is defined as 'a clear statement of your point of view supported by one or more co-signatories'. To submit a petition please click Here

Points of view, complaints or compliments

If you have a complaint or compliment about a council service, please ask for our leaflet "Help us get it right!" which tells you what to do. It is available from all council offices. Alternatively you can go to Compliments, Complaints And Comments

How to contact us: 

e-mail:  democratic.services@colchester.gov.uk 
website: www.colchester.gov.uk

Write to: 
Democratic Services 
Colchester Borough Council
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